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one center

Dr. Brenda S. Butterfield

A Forested Retreat For Learning and Healing

On the shores of the Salish Sea near Olympia, WA is The ONE Center, a nature-based retreat center for health care professionals and the wider community. At ONE (Our New Experience), we are reimagining mental health care and creating a community of care through innovative, evidence-based mental health services. 


Our goal is to inspire healing by offering care that helps you connect with yourself, others, our Earth, and the Universal Life Force. 


Come join us to learn, to grow, and to heal.

What We Do

At The ONE Center we help you become the guru you’ve been waiting searching for. 


Through our workshops, seminars, and retreats, you can heal, change your relationship with yourself, cultivate deep inner joy, and be part of a community committed to personal and professional growth.


You can learn to:

  • Receive healing from nature.

  • View yourself with kindness and compassion.

  • Use simple, accessible ways to care for yourself.

  • Stop ruminating, worrying and catastrophizing.

  • Be more alive in the world.


We are the only retreat center in the region focused on creating a learning sanctuary for caregivers, especially mental health professionals. Other professional caregivers also benefit from our programs, including nurses, chemical dependency professionals, naturopathic doctors, teachers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists.

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About Our Founder

Dr. Brenda Butterfield has more than 30 years of experience in mental health, substance abuse, and education and is professionally trained in psychology, social work, education, and mindfulness. She is also a certified forest therapy guide. 


Answering an “unexpected call from beyond,” she founded The ONE Center to help participants come home to nature, learn new skills, increase their health and well-being, and develop inner peace. 


Brenda sees her role as a facilitator of healing and transformation. Under her guidance, many have learned to “quiet the din to go within,” hear their inner wisdom, and become their True Selves.


Her programs draw on her commitment to authentic, compassionate care and on her therapeutic specialties: mindfulness therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), spirituality, and nature-based therapy.

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