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Be a part of a new process to help grow The ONE Center even more! Do you have skills to share or long to spend more time in nature and community? We'd love it if you became a VOO - Volunteer of ONE!

[Add a "skills we're looking for" or "ways you can help" section here? Info about VOO events and work parties?]


Story of our growth so far:

In 2021 we launched our first season of care at ONE with 4 outdoor workshops for mental health professionals, guided forest therapy walks, outdoor therapy sessions and our first ever Winter Solstice Celebration. Our 2022 season of care was kicked off with our very first Volunteers of ONE (VOO) outdoor work party to get the trails and Healing Garden & Orchard ready to receive guests. The healing services we were able to provide during this past Season of Care grew dramatically.  We offered many more outdoor workshops all throughout the summer with therapists from all over WA and OR answering the call to come, rest and enJOY a day of essential-self care ! We also offered our first overnight women's retreat, organizational team building retreats, sea kayaking, walking the illuminated labyrinth, outdoor therapy sessions, personal day retreats, and a Healing Song group all summer long.  It has been a BUSY, joyfilled year of abundance! And like I said earlier, you were a part of making it all happen! Thank you!


Because of people like you, ONE continues to grow.  Thank you!

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