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Retreats for Organizations & Teams




Brenda collaborates with you to create a team retreat that is just right for your organization. Each retreat is designed to improve your organization’s ability to give back to the world by helping to meet your team’s needs, either as a group or as individuals. 


“Dr Brenda Butterfield and the One Center helped us enjoy a beautiful day together, and also reignited an awareness in all of us of the simplicity, necessity and responsibility of taking care of ourselves.” Heidi Knadel, Services Director of Catholic Community Services of Thurston, Mason and Lewis Counties

You can opt for a professional development retreat to earn CE credits or focus on rest, relaxation, and fun. Working with Brenda, you choose from a menu of healing practices to plan a restorative day for team members that meets their needs and in alignment with the natural world.


Possible activities include both indoor and outdoor options, such as camping in the forest, flower-based creations (bouquets, corsages), sea kayaking, yoga and mindful movement, massage, labyrinth walks, singing circles, song baths, tea ceremonies, and many other activities.


Help your team feel more connected to themselves and to one another through a day of learning, rest and rest.

Ready to book? Contact Brenda below to plan the perfect retreat for your team!

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