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We offer a sliding fee scale based on what you can pay:

  • $139 sliding scale level

  • $149 sustaining level

  • $159 supporting others level


We are so excited to invite you to The ONE Center on the following Saturdays for deep rest:

Register by clicking on the date you want to attend.

Deep RESt Retreat

Monthly, select Saturdays, 10AM - 4:00PM

In-person at The ONE Center

You're invited to a day retreat co-lead by Brenda B., Founder of the ONE Center with Joy Evans.

Answer the call from within to slow down the busy pace of life, to pause, rest and drop into one's own self. Combining nature therapy and sound healing, our day of practice invites you to experience rest, relaxation and restoration.


Starting with a Forest Therapy Walk, also referred to as Shinrin-yoku and Forest Bathing (10AM-1PM), helps us slow down and arrive more fully on the beautiful land of ONE by connecting with nature through simple sensory activities.  Slow, guided walks in nature help us relax and experience the joy and wonder of being alive. Nature nourishes us and helps us feel grounded and connected to ourselves, each other, the Earth and the more than human world too. Research studies show forest therapy enhances our physical, emotional, and mental wellness. The medicine we receive in the forest, on the land and by the water helps us feel better and helps us heal. This is why both Joy and I became Certified Forest Therapy Guides. 


Following lunch (1-2PM), cozy up inside The ONE Center and bathe in the ethereal sounds of Joy’s alchemy crystal singing bowls carrying you into a deep practice of restorative rest. Through gently guided breathwork, Joy will help you reconnect with your physical senses and your heart, giving special attention to the heart chakra of each person. The sounds from singing bowls help the mind to settle, can support the brain in entering a peaceful theta state (or pre-sleep), and engages the parasympathetic nervous system to let the body relax and access the full benefits of rest. The vibration/energy of alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls changes us physically on a mind/body level, as well as energetically on the subtle energy bodies. Experiencing peace of mind and a joy filled heart awaits you after this day of practice, caring for oneself.

Space is limited to 15 people  and spots typically fill up quickly. Please note both the walk and retreat will happen rain or shine and the registration fee is nonrefundable. If it looks like a rainy day is predicted I encourage you to wear waterproof gear and/or bring an umbrella. Forest Therapy invites us to befriend all kinds of weather. I will provide sit pads and there are chairs at various sit spot locations throughout the forest. We will follow CDC Guidelines for preventing transmission of COVID-19 by wearing a mask indoors.


The forest and Gallagher Cove at ONE are beautiful! Let's breathe in the beauty of nature, take in the medicine of the land, and bathe in healing sounds from beyond,  allowing ourselves to rest deeply. 

About the Practices

Learn more about forest therapy by checking out this YouTube video filmed at The ONE Center, The Healing Power of Place or the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) website.

Learn more about sound healing on Joy's website. Joy Evans, MSW (she/her) combines trauma-healing modalities with sound and forest therapy to lead people out of the perpetual stress response to reconnect with the details of the senses and return to clarity, centered self, and calm. Experience Sound Healing Rooted in Nature in this video.

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"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

- John Muir

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